Cloud2Networks has been

operating for over 5 years

in Atlanta,GA and has hundreds of clients.

Our aim is to be a one-stop-shop for company’s computer hardware, software and support needs. Our clients are primarily businesses with between 3 and 100 PC’s who do not have a fulltime professional IT support person on staff. We also work with IT departments in companies with 100-1000 computers, as their peers, helping to implement IT best practice and assisting in busy times and when members of their IT Team are on leave. We pride ourselves in listening to our client’s requirements and providing the services and hardware to match their individual needs.

Supply and installation of computer hardware and software

We can supply a wide range of products with fast delivery and reasonable prices. We can source most brands, however most of our clients choose Hewlett Packard desktop computers and servers, Toshiba portable computers, HP Printers and Scanners, Netgear, Snapgear, 3Com and Cisco networking equipment.

The operating systems that we are experienced in are Microsoft Windows (from Windows 98 up to Windows 10 To Server 2016), Novell NetWare and Unix (Linux, SCO, HPUX). We also specialise in other products including, Antivirus Software – Sophos, McAfee and Symantec. Backup Software – Storage Craft – Shadow Protect, Symantec Backup Exec, Symantec Puredisk and Netbackup, plus many more.

We have experience with all of the popular application software and some specialised packages used by professional companies including Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Office, SQL, Act, MYOB, Solution 6, Quicken, APS, HandySoft, RXWorks, Vetdesk, Locus, PPNP, TM2 and Jim2. We can setup and support all of the products that we supply.

Systems support

and administration

For most of our clients we act as their computer support department. We install new hardware and software packages, setup and test backups, perform restores, setup/update antivirus packages, create and remove users. We fault-find all manner of computer related problems, often acting on your behalf where solutions require co-operation from third parties like your Internet Provider or your specialist software supplier to achieve the best outcome for you.

Systems planning

and review

As well as reacting quickly when you need something changed about your system or network, we like to help you to pro-actively plan the future of your It systems and to review it from time to time to make sure that it is operating optimally and that it’s going to best serve your needs in the long term. We also advise on advances in IT that may assist your business and plan how they can most efficiently and effectively be implemented for you.

Specialist software selection

and implementation

Selecting the right specialised software can have a dramatic effect on the success of your business. When you are looking for a specialised software package, we can help you by providing independent advice to help you select the package that will best serve your needs. This service is particularly beneficial when it comes time to negotiate to buy the package, as some suppliers may try to take advantage of their customer’s lack of IT experience. When it comes to implementing your specialist software package, we will work closely with the supplier to make sure that your installation proceeds smoothly.


onsite training

It’s often difficult to learn about just the things that are important for your system. Do your staff know how to save time by adding “shortcuts” to their desktop – or use keystrokes to make cutting and pasting work quickly? This is well catered for by one of our tailored onsite training sessions.



We have many clients who take advantage of our rental options. Some clients rent/lease all of their computer equipment. We can assist with long term and short term rental of all computer equipment. Why rent? Because the cost of maintaining and supporting IT equipment can often exceed the cost of replacing it! Renting provides a fixed monthly expense which is usually tax deductable (you need to confirm your particular situation with your accountant) rather than an asset that you need to depreciate and maintain. Installation charges are usually built in to the rental costs so that at the end of the rental period (usually 2-3 years) for a similar monthly fee we will replace the equipment with the latest technology, reducing your downtime and support costs.


Health Checks

Designed to help you stay in control of your computer systems, the System Health Check includes regular proactive monitoring and reporting to you on important aspects of your systems such as available disk space, antivirus updates, backup verification, and monitoring of system log files. The regular health check encompasses the following services: Implement service packs when appropriate – these may contain security updates to protect you from new hacker attacks. Check the backup system to ensure that all is functioning correctly – your business depends on your data. Ensure correct updating of virus signatures on server and desktops – new viruses are constantly hitting us and your virus software needs updating. Check the server event log for any issues – errors can be caught before they become catastrophic. Check capacities of hard disk drives to ensure that there is enough disk space – some software behaves erratically without enough free hard disk space. Modifications of user details as required. Other items can be added as required.



To help you predict and control your IT expenditure, we can negotiate a fixed-price support contract to cover the hardware and/or software used in your organization. We can also supply prepaid blocks of time.

Our Commitment

to You When you call us

If you have an urgent problem with your system, we aim to be onsite well within 4 business hours of your call. We will change the priority of our other work to attend to your problems as soon as possible.

  • If you call us and we miss your call, we will call you back within 2 business hours. The mobile phone numbers of all of our team members are available to all clients. All of our mobile phone numbers are located on the Contacts page of this website.
  • When you call us to take care of more routine support tasks, our aim is to attend to them in 1-3 business days.
  • When you ask us about supplying equipment, we will have pricing and product availability information back to you in less than 24 hours.
  • When you place an order with us, we will provide you an estimated delivery date and will notify you promptly of any changes to this.
  • We will send you an outstanding task notification when tasks remain outstanding for longer than 1 week to update you on the tasks’ status and to give you the opportunity to alter how we approach it.
When we

do work for you

  • Before we start work, we will explain to you what we will be doing and why.
  • If we leave knowing there is still more work to be done we will take the time to explain what needs to be done, the steps involved, and when we expect to complete them.
After we

do work for you

  • We will often ask you to help us to test the work performed thoroughly before we leave or close your job so that we can be confident that you are satisfied with the results of our work.
  • We will explain to you in as much detail as you require, and in language that you understand what work was completed, why, and any additional work that we feel will benefit you.