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Disaster Recovery Solutions

DR solutions seem to be a dime a dozen, so we are pleased to offer an entirely new spin on disaster recovery with the Nutanix Complete Cluster, enabling software-defined datacenters and providing VM-centric disaster recovery that is simple, efficient, scalable and flexible.

High Availability through the Stack

The Nutanix Complete Cluster is a purely distributed system from network, compute, data and site standpoints, designed from the ground up to be resilient in the event of any host or disk failure. Coupled with exceptional HA and DR features, this distributed system ensures your virtual machines and data are always available.  The solution uses a single, sleek, space-saving 2U scalable appliance that enables you to simplify deployment and configure replication in record time.

True Convergence

Nutanix compute-plus-storage architecture brings data closer to virtual machines on each cluster node.  Combined with Flash SSD integration into the core architecture, this Google-like, scale-out approach delivers a truly optimized datacenter footprint.

By breaking the bounds set by traditional site-to-site replication, this exceptional disaster recovery solution enables you to control your DR strategy with many-to-many replication, in turn allowing for administrator-dictated replication and recovery plans.

Sub-block level change transfers allow the highest possible replication performance and efficiency, greatly reducing the load on your WAN and driving down recovery time objectives.

Nutanix eliminates the need for additional third-party tools for VM management and disaster recovery. Nutanix DR is natively integrated into the Nutanix platform for exceptional performance, and the combination of both compute and storage in one converged appliance means a single unit for you to provision, scale and manage.

Unlike traditional solutions that perform backups and recovery at the LUN level, these capabilities reside at the VM and file level, which substantially increases simplicity and efficiency. Worry about space for snapshots?  Don’t.  The Nutanix solution operates at the sub-block level for the highest possible granularity and most efficient space savings.

Software-Defined Features Deliver Scalable Flexibility

The Nutanix platform provides software-defined capabilities that enable delivery of updates and feature improvements in a software-only, non-disruptive manner. Say goodbye to hardware refresh cycles for feature enhancements, and simplify your IT operation as you have only imagined.

Cloud 2 Networks is proud to offer the next generation of disaster recovery through Nutanix.